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The Crowley Report: 4/13/2014

The Crowley Report: 4/13/2014The upside soybean momentum slowed against the backdrop of cancels and defaults by China. Basis in S America was in freefall. Technical pressures are also playing a factor as both the daily and weekly charts roll over. NOPA will release their crush data on Monday with the trade looking for 146.5 MB to be shown. The commitment of traders report shows funds long 174,907 contracts as of Tuesday. Cash basis was mostly unchanged. Corn is in a weather watch as plantings expand with the warmer temperatures. The trade will be looking for 3% done in the crop progress report. Weather leaned negative to end the week with largely wide open weather through the weekend followed by needed rains for Eastern Iowa [more]

The Crowley Report: 3/24/2014

The Crowley Report: 3/24/2014Beans had a wild week of up and down action and finished some 20 cents higher. Confirmation that Beans from Brazil were headed to the US capped gains. China continues to wash and defer purchases as their crush margins have fallen deeply in the red. Bird flu has also cut demand. The Quarterly stocks report next week should come out near 999 MB. A figure below 475 MB would be very supportive. Harvest in Brazil has reached an advanced stage and Argentina is now cutting. Corn was 6.75 better on the week in choppy trade. Participants seemed to be biding their time ahead of the critical stocks report. Black Sea shipments continued as normal. Egypt bought some corn. Funds have a [more]

Crop Soil News: March 2014

Crop Soil News: March 2014 Advanced Ag System's latest newsletter, Crop Soil News, for March 2014.  Crop Soil News March [more]

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