The Crowley Report: 7/23/2014

The Crowley Report: 7/23/2014Another day lower for corn and soybeans as favorable weather forecasts push corn down 7 cents and soybeans down 14 cents. While we might have a bit of heat this week, non-threatening temperatures and above-average precip. should cradle our crop through the end of July. Corn and soybean weekly export inspections were a bit light this morning, which certainly didn’t provide any support against the current downward trend. An announced old crop sale of soybeans to China seemed to prop up the front end of the soybean market as August beans only lost 1 cent on the day. The USDA announced 135,000 MT of US meal sold to unknown for 2014/15 delivery.  After the close the USDA raised their soybean good/excellent [more]

Phoenix Featured Farm: Monument Farms

Phoenix Featured Farm: Monument Farms“It’s not just a job, it’s a heritage,” Peter James says, sitting in the office of Monument Farm Dairy. Peter’s a big, healthy man who looks like someone who spends a fair amount of time outside.  He’s the grandson of the founder of the Farm, and one of the three grandsons who currently run Monument Farms Dairy. Farms ground us in our past as much as they drive us towards the future.  Combines and tractors, milking parlors, and processing plants are modern amazements, and yet I’ve yet to visit a farm in Vermont that doesn’t harken back to something deeper, something richer, something of the past.  Vermont’s past.  Our past.  It’s not just the land, or the buildings either.  Certainly, many [more]

The Crowley Report: 7/12/2014

The Crowley Report: 7/12/2014 Beans closed a holiday-shortened session lower on Thursday. Traders spent the week exiting the front of the market as concerns or the tightness was offset by the pending record new crop.  Informa Economics pegged US 2014 soybean production at 3.7 billion bu, up from 3.6 billion previously, sticking by their yield estimate of 44.5 bu/acre. The USDA will update the market with their July S&D numbers on Jul 11th. For the week, NOV beans lost 95 cents. China was trying to sell up to 7 cargoes of Brazilian beans as the week ended. So far, there were no takers. The downside potential in November soybeans has expanded to $10.00 or less amid the USDA data that projects the potential carryout well [more]

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