At Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition, Inc. we believe the best way of getting a superior product out of your herd is by putting a superior product into it. 

That’s why we only use the highest quality ingredients in our feed, and we’ll develop an individualized diet plan based on your own unique circumstances and conditions.  We believe by feeding your herd an optimum diet, you maximize your output and products.


Calf Products

Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition, Inc.’s high quality calf diet program, with products and ingredients second to none, is the finest in our industry.
Our high protein level maximizes growth while the texture offers better palatability and encourages early consumption.

Major Suppliers

Our goal is to provide you maximum performance from every animal in your herd every day.
Vitamins and minerals are vital for animal growth and maintaining proper function of body structures and systems. Click the ‘Major Suppliers’ tab to see a list of our major suppliers. Hover over the supplier logo to view a list of products that we carry.

Major Suppliers
  • Item 1
    • AAMPS Nutrition Program
    • Milk & Calf Milk Replacers
    • Phoenix Dairy 5 with Avala4
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    • BIO-MOS
    • Bioplex
    • DEMP
    • NUPRO
    • Optigen
    • Select-GH
  • Item 1
    • ReaShure®
    • NitroShure™
    • NiaShure™
  • Item 1
    • ClariFly® 
  • Item 1
    •  Original XPC™
    • DiaMune®
    • SelenoSource®
    • XP DFM
  • Item 1
    • AB-20
    • Animate
    • OmniGen-AF
    • OmniGen-AF
    • OmniGen-WYC
  • Item 1
    • AjiPro-L™
    • Mepron®
  • Item 1
    • CelManax®
  • Item 1


    • Availa4®
    • ZINPRO®
    • ZINPRO40®


Bulk Ingredients

Deficiencies and dietary imbalances can severely impair performance and threaten herd health. However, Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition, Inc. will work with you to individually tailor a diet best suited to your farm and herd.

Product List
  • Cornmeal
  • Soybean Meal
  • Canola
  • Dried Distiller’s Grain
  • Soy Hulls
  • Gluten Feed
  • Citrus Pulp
  • Cookie Meal — Baskin
  • Cottonseed
  • Wheat Midds
  • ProvAAl MetAAtein
  • Pro Blend (H.J. Baker)
  • Lime
  • Phoenix Bread Blend
  • Salt
  • S-Carb
  • Sweet Phoenix (sugar)
  • Tallow-Beef
  • Urea
  • Soy Plus
  • Red Dog Flour

Our Advantages


    We run 24 hrs a day to all of Vermont, and the surrounding states including New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Our drivers will deliver in rain or snow. We know you need constant dependability.


    Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition, Inc. believes in doing things right the first time, and that means dependability. Our clients need to trust that their feed will be there when they need it, and they can count on us to get it there on time.


    Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition, Inc. uses only the best ingredients, second to none, offering the finest product in our industry.

  • Custom Bulk Complete & Protein Mixes

    Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition, Inc.'s feed program provides farmers with the highest quality management frame-work, advanced feed products, and expertise to meet your dairy production and business goals.